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UPPA Verdict Upheld: The Consumer, the Contractor, the Public Adjuster, and the Insurance Industry
This month a Texas court of appeals upheld an important ruling against a contractor who was involved in the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA).
By NAPIA Director Alice Young, SPPA 
This month a Texas court of appeals upheld an important ruling against a contractor who was involved in the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA).

Lon Smith Roofing & Construction entered into a contract with Gerald and Beatriz Reyelts. In the contract the roofer asserted that Lon Smith agreed “to pursue homeowners'" best interest for all repairs, at a price agreeable to the insurance company” and to work out “the final price agreed between the insurance company” and Lon Smith.  And that "The homeowner is responsible for paying the deductible and for any upgrades. “The final price agreed to between the insurance company and LSRC shall be the final contract.”
Losses in Cyber-Space: Recovering Insurance Proceeds When Your Computer Data Can’t Be Recovered (Part One)

This is the first post in a three-part series about first-party coverage for losses of computer data.

Labor Day 2016 was a bad day for my client. That was the day her web host company hit the delete button, knocking her offline and completely wiping out her business website. Instead of celebrating a holiday weekend, she was dealing with a crisis.

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Court Rejects Jury Instruction Inconsistent with Concurrent Causation Doctrine; Remands for New Trial


In December of 2016, I wrote about Sebo v. American Home Assurance Company,1 where the Florida Supreme Court reversed the appellate court’s adoption of the “Proximate Efficient Cause” doctrine and found that instead, the lower court should have applied the “Concurrent Causation Doctrine,” as laid out in Wallach v. Rosenberg,2 in a situation where both the excluded cause of faulty construction, combined with the covered causes of rain and wind resulted in a total loss to Sebo’s property.

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