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President's Letter
Greetings fellow GAPIA members and associates,
I’m sure everyone has been very busy as we head into the fire season, especially on the heels of the damages left behind in the wake of Hurricane Matthew in early October.  It goes without saying that the need for professional guidance to navigate hurricane claims with respect to high deductibles and unique coverage hurdles creates an opportunity for all public adjusters to showcase their skills and talents, specifically the unique requirements and exclusions tied to the NFIP policies.
Tips For Georgia Public Adjusters Handling Hurricane Matthew Flood Losses
Author:  Nicole C. Vinson, Esq.  Merlin Law Group
If you are handling a flood claim from Hurricane Matthew, here are some critical tips that can assist you and your client.
  1. The Proof of Loss is critical.  Without a proper and timely proof of loss- your claim is not a claim.
  2. Your knowledge of Georgia claims handling and Georgia insurance does not apply to these federal flood losses. You need to know the National Flood Insurance Program.  You can be an incredibly well versed adjuster who handles fire claims with the best of the them, but this is a different adjustment.  You must now become well versed in the specifics of the federal flood claims.
Wildfires blaze in Gatlinburg, TN; thousands evacuated

Gatlinburg, Tennessee (CNN) Fanned by strong winds and the Southeast's worst drought in nearly a decade, at least 14 wildfires burned in and around Gatlinburg, Tennessee, forcing evacuations from the popular tourist destination and nearby communities. 

"If you're a person of prayer, we could use your prayers," Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller said Monday evening as crews battled wind gusts of up to 70 mph.
Rain Slows Wildfires in N GA Mountains
About an inch of rain in far North Georgia significantly slowed the spread of Georgia's largest wildfire Tuesday. But that doesn't mean fire woes are over just yet. "Larger fuels, like down logs, standing dead trees and stumps or root systems, continue to hold heat and, as the weather dries, can re-ignite leaves," the U.S. Forest Service said in an update Tuesday. Georgia Forestry Commission spokeswoman Wendy Burnett said high winds also act as accelerates to wildfires, "giving them what they need to move faster and burn hotter."   
by Lauren Foreman, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
See the entire article at 
Ensuing Loss, Concurrent Causation, and Occurrence
Many of the attendees at GAPIA's Fall Conference requested a copy of Ellaretha Coleman's presentation, "Ensuing Loss, Concurrent Causation, and Occurrence".  Thank you to Ellaretha for letting us send this out to GAPIA members.
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