GAPIA's Spring Educational Conference
President's Letter
Greetings to the 55 local GAPIA members and counting,
I wanted to take a moment to officially welcome everyone into an early summer as temperatures are reaching 90 degrees today.  As we head into our May officer meeting this afternoon, it is with increased enthusiasm that I continue to articulate how proud and excited I am to watch this fledgling organization continue to make positive strides in its mission to educate its members who ultimately assist consumer policyholders for both residential and commercial losses in the state of Georgia.
New Report from Rutgers Calls Out Insurance Companies and Asks States to Help Policyholders
When you have a claim for property damage under your homeowners insurance, you should not be penalized by your carrier. You should not be slapped with an increase in premium or slammed with a non-renewal notice because you had a claim and had to actually use your insurance. Professor Jay Feinman, the author of Delay, Deny, Defend, has prepared a new report to help state lawmakers ban the practice known as “Use It and Lose It” and calls-out this harmful practice. This report is part of a series that my colleague Rob Trautman discussed in, Rutgers Law School and United Policyholders Launch Essential Protections for Policyholders Project.
Trust Yourself
Court Rules Allstate's Georgia Standard Fire Policy Endorsements Within the “Deluxe Plus” Policy Extends Suit Limitations Period to Two Years For all Insured Perils
Throughout one’s life you will face obstacles, issues, and situations in which you need to resolve or find a way to overcome these challenges.  In doing so, you must trust yourself, trust your knowledge, and trust your instincts.  You must put stock within yourself and have the confidence to overcome any obstacles that you may endure.  I had to remind myself of this self “trust” within the past year.
OSHA Standards Apply to Insurance Adjusters

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards apply to all insurance adjusters. I am in my second OSHA class because I was curious how these standards impact costs of construction. My hunch is that many adjusters have no clue about all the standards and fail to make cost estimates which comply with federal law.

My learning also lead to the realization that many activities done routinely by insurance adjusters investigating claims certainly are not being done OSHA compliant. Adjusters routinely investigate roofs for hours without safety equipment to prevent falls. This is illegal. Adjusters will walk through burned homes and buildings without safety equipment to protect their lungs. This is illegal. Even dumb attorneys like me are required to follow these safety standards when investigating losses.

New Benefits of Joining GAPIA

What GAPIA Members Can Expect:

  • Public Insurance Adjuster specific Continuing Education opportunities
  • Two conferences each year for continuing education, information and networking. Continuing Education Conferences are FREE to members. Non-member fee is $150 per conference. 
  • National Underwriters' "Select" FCS subscription for only $250.
  • Free admission to GAPIA's Top Golf Outing.
  • Listing on the website where many people turn when they have a loss and need a Public Insurance Adjuster
  • To receive monthly newsletter to stay abreast of industry news and get advice from experts in the field.
  • Online access to previous GAPIA Monthly Newsletters.
  • Private discussion group for members only, where GAPIA members can ask questions and receive responses and advice from veteran GAPIA members.
  • Exclusive access to our members only page on There you can find information and associate members who can assist you and your clients.
  • A continuing working relationship with the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office
  • Eligibility to serve on GAPIA’s Board of Directors and Committees
  • Recognition as a professional in your field
  • That GAPIA has worked and will work to enhance the industry by improving regulations governing the industry.
GAPIA has been growing in membership since its inception in 2010. GAPIA was formed to establish and maintain the highest professional standards, insure harmonious working relations with one another, promote general welfare, protect our rights and provide a means for solving and dealing with our common problems. GAPIA unites the Public Insurers of Georgia for their mutual benefit, protection and interest and for the benefit and protection of the general public.
GAPIA was also formed to establish and maintain high standards of professional conduct and efficiency among its members, and to study and assist in carrying out the provisions of all laws and regulations pertaining to Public Insurance Adjusters that may be enacted or formulated by the Legislature and Insurance department of the State of Georgia.
GAPIA provides the best public adjuster specific continuing education courses.  GAPIA provides the best public adjuster training with memorable speakers and experienced exhibitors. This is also an opportunity to network with other public adjusters to share industry knowledge.

Requirements for Membership in GAPIA

Individual Membership Special:  $250 Fee (Limited time only. Normally the fee is $500)
Individuals, who are licensed by the Georgia Department of Insurance to act as resident public adjusters, on a full time basis, and who fulfill all other requirements of the Association, shall be eligible for membership. (You no longer need to wait until you have been practicing for two years).
Associate Membership: $1,000
Non Resident Public Insurance Adjusters are eligible for an Associate Membership. This type of designated member is not eligible to serve as an Officer of the Association, however may serve on the Board of Directors as one of the elected members who hold no office. Only one Georgia State Licensed Non-Resident Public Adjuster may serve on the Board of Directors at any given time.
A registered member in good standing shall be one who is current in his dues and assessments in accordance with the by-laws of the Association, must also be duly licensed by the State of Georgia, who is of good character, and who abides by the code of professional conduct and ethics.
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