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Letter from the President
Greetings, Fellow GAPIA members and associates,
I hope you all had a very joyous and relaxing holiday and a Happy New Year.  It is amazing how fast the holiday season passed this year.  I trust all of you in Georgia enjoyed the balmy weather during the holiday.  I am looking forward to some great new and expanded educational opportunities for GAPIA in 2017, with those announcements coming during the first quarter.
I’m very excited to report that we have secured Cobb Galleria for the GAPIA Spring Conference on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  I am also very proud to confirm Jay Florence, Deputy Insurance Commissioner, as a guest at our 2017 Conference.  He will be speaking for about 20 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.  This is an incredible development for our organization as we continue to grow the relationship between the Department of Insurance, our organization, and the licensed Public Insurance Adjusters in the state of Georgia.
Does an Insured have to Participate in an Examination Under Oath? Do They have to Produce their Financial Records? Why?
by Michael Weinstein, MBWLAW
As public adjusters, you handle most claims without the need for your client to have to retain legal counsel; and that is a good thing.  When a lawyer has to get involved in a claim prior to payment, the claim usually has some element of “noise.”  “Noise” can consist of issues having to deal with a claim’s cause and origin, coverage issues, and potential material misrepresentation. 
In a typical claim where a lawyer has to get involved, the policyholder, with your assistance, submits a claim for coverage, and the insurance company determines it needs to be investigated, rather than setting the claim up for payment.  When this occurs, the claim may be referred to the insurance company’s Special Investigation Unit, or SIU.  Once the SIU gets involved, further investigation takes place.
Gatlinburg Fires and Valued Policy Law in Tennessee
By Robert Trautmann, MERLIN LAW GROUP
I am taking a quick break from my series on claims handling guidelines to write about an issue that is probably just coming up for many folks in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The other night I was showing my wife Chip Merlin’s blog about the Gatlinburg fires and then we looked at photos of the devastation there. Because she knows attorneys in our firm travel quite a bit, she asked if I would be going down there to assist with claims.
Claims Handling Requirements by State – Tennessee
by Robert Trautmann, MERLIN LAW GROUP
As promised in my recent post regarding the Gatlinburg fires, today we are looking at the claims handling guidelines provided by the Tennessee code.   The Tennessee code has some general requirements that require insurance carriers to develop standards and practices for the prompt and proper handling of claims in the  Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act.  Tenn. Code Ann. § 56-8-105.
Market Developments Outside of Georgia
Insurance Journal posted an interesting article regarding the California Public Adjuster Reform Bill.
Click here to view the article.
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